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We encourage you to familiarize yourselves with the statute which includes all the terms and conditions for granting the licence for publishing illustrations from our collection. Please, find also useful the price list specifying the payments for different types of licences and the licence agreement.

As a rule licences for publishing the Chopin iconography are granted for a fee, according to the price list. There are however exceptional situations in which it is possible to get a free or barter licence. Such licences are available for Polish diplomatic posts and cultural institutions, and also entities, including commercial ones, for al. ventures carrying a strictly scientific, educational or promotional profile (non profit), connected with Chopin and the Anniversary Year 2010 subject matter. Free or barter licences can be also granted for al. kinds of initiatives which are under the patronage of the Chopin Institute. The Institute reserves the right to consider the applications individually in each of the cases according to the Institute procedures and standards.

The statute and the price list is available below in PDF files.

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